Pre – Accenture: The Life Of A Mentee

A bright future is a dream, goal or target (or all of the above) of everyone I know including myself. In my opinion success is a decision, and it’s a decision I have made in advance. So, that’s my future (in so many words) but where am I now? Well, besides being in an extremely cold room, I am a third year Accounting and Finance student; writing essays, leading societies, my part time job and attending meetings are some of the things that make up ‘Kevin’. But, as a third year student I’m coming to the end of the educational road; no more grades, no more pondering, just life on the other side. This ‘other side’ is a world most people don’t know much about until they enter it, fortunately for me this year of university has given me some insight. For example managing multiple tasks from organising activity days in my leadership society to learning Spanish in my room a few hours a week. As ram packed as it sounds there’s one thing that I do know: Every decision I make has been influenced by my personal development; as a person, as a leader of people and operations and (of course) as an accountant.

This journey of personal development has come early; I spoke about having a bright future, it just so happens that I am the treasurer of The Bright Futures society at Middlesex University. The decision I made to become more proactive (remember decisions = development) has become the smartest thing I’ve done. Through Bright Futures I was successful in being selected to be a mentee of Accenture, which commences 10th December 2010. All in all I haven’t been mentored before directly by someone who represents the other side, the side I intend on becoming a part of after graduation time. It’s VERY exciting and the smile on my face grows every day I get closer 😀 😀 :D.

So now I can proudly say I am a mentee of Accenture, but I don’t care much for putting titles on things; instead I respect job roles- wisdom breeds from experience and people in general. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about new companies as they have something in common: uniqueness. This in mind, instead of saying I am a mentee at Accenture, I am a ‘soon to be graduate who is about take a peek through the window between worlds, learn from my mentor’s wisdom, breed from their experience and most importantly, gain a new friend’. This to me is a major phase in my personal development but up until now I have spoken about personal development, but why do I want to continue to develop myself personally, socially, professionally and ethically? The answer is simple, to use all my current strengths and to develop new strengths to produce good results in everything I do. Everything I intend on doing include, completing tasks for an amazing company, and solving complex issue’s (E.G Taxation and Investments).

I believe that having a mentor will allow me to learn from their experiences and that the process will influence me and help me to be the best I can be. Also to have support from someone who is so experienced in the kind of life I aspire to will benefit me mentally and emotionally.

The beginning of my continuous journey to a bright future started with Bright Futures Society and Linkedin. Where I will end, I’m not 100% sure, but what I am sure about is that being a mentee combined with my proactive nature and visions of 10 years along the road will be a good guide and starting point.